Advanced Technology made simple for all businesses.

Many software projects becomes complex and hard to use. We design systems that are easy to use and maintain.

Our main products

These are the products we primarily attend to and keep close to our heart

Plan optimal driving routes for all your employees

Our Core Principles

We abide to these every single day


Keeping things simple saves time and money.

Too often software projects are highly overengineered. We strive to keep it simple to the core.

Software Architecture

Design maintainable software

By designing software in a way that is clean and fairly simple to grok for all developers, ensures that it can be easily tested, used and expanded.

Design Thinking

Deliver amazing things the user needs

Including users and decision-makers in a solid design process allows for crafting simple, innovative and precise prototypes. No need to develop features that will not be used.

Loved by businesses.

We craft software that people love

    • Apaq has been a great partner for many years. They deliver good craftsmanship and continue to amaze us with the quality of the work they do when they continue to develop Previsto for us.

      Michael Krog
      CEO at Previsto
    • We have often used Apaq's service for our internal tasks, which we have been very satisfied with. All tasks have been solved and quality work has been carried out. We will undoubtedly continue to use Apaq to solve our tasks

      Leif Christensen
      Director at Vaks Service
    • We have had a close partnership and collaboration with Apaq on many projects. It has been effective and extremely professional every single time.

      Martin Bundgaard
      Owner of dataerklæ